Life is unfair, to some it might seem as if someone’s life has been a luck all throughout their journey. Well do I believe this ? To be honest yes I do to some extent yes, but just listen to me first, hardwork comes first, then your luck works too if both align then viola you got it finally.

Also the timing matters a lot, so believe just believe you will definately get there someday . Till then do whatever you are good at.

Random III

Last night I was scrolling instagram as usual, well I was checking other’s posts sending reels, memes to my friends as a part of my daily routine. I got a dm from one of my collegemates , it seemed as a regular text just to catch up, so I decided to text back, but at some point his texts sounded like creep, he started to get personal so I decided not to get too much involved so I gave just general replies, finally he said what he wanted to all this while, sexually harassing me commenting about my body, I didn’t expect this from him, but still I got to know he is going to end after this point still I replied that this makes me uncomfortable, after that he still had the audacity to say he didn’t expect that his comment would make me comfortable.

What world are we living in ? He sounded like a rapist. Then such people would commit crimes, then wouldn’t accept. Being a girl is really tough first get an education, then educate others how to behave with us. I’m tired, scared are we even safe ?

BTS uses International Sign

On September 13th there was an article published on Weverse Magazine(a magazine for all the K-pop fans) titled “From International Sign in “Permission to Dance” to a barrier-free world” which actually actually caught my eye to read more about. Permission to Dance was released on the 9th of July which is also known as “Army Day” (Army is the fan-name of BTS) . It’s the third English song by BTS .

 According to Kim, BTS thought they “need to give people good vibes, like positive energy and hope” while preparing for the new song. This is exactly how the members of BTS have felt during the pandemic. “It’s a hard time for us, but there must be far more people having a much harder time than us, and we want to give people hope in our own way,” they said. “We hope we can give them strength somehow.” As for SUGA, while he was working on the song during the pandemic, “he said, ‘things aren’t looking good right now, but let’s do what we can.’ According to Kim, BTS liked the track but the original lyrics sounded more like a marriage proposal so the group asked to modify the lyrics.

I felt like the distance between BTS and me has narrowed,” said YouTuber hamonthly, explaining what the use of International Sign (IS) in the choreography for BTS’s “Permission to Dance” means to her. hamonthly, who identifies as deaf and uploads content to her eponymous YouTube channel related to her life and hearing loss, posted a reaction video to “Permission to Dance” in July, the reason being that the choreography for the music video, as is widely known, features three signs from IS: those for fun, dance and peace. From the standpoint of a sign language user, sign language is their first language,” hamonthly said, According to the Korean Sign Language Act, passed in 2016, KSL is an official language with equal standing to Korean. The two languages have their own unique grammar systems and use different word orders. IS, meanwhile, presents a means for deaf people who use sign languages from different countries to communicate with one another and, because there’s no firmly established system like there is with KSL or American Sign Language, it’s subject to change depending on the region and its users; as such, its exact definition remains up for debate. 

 According to Jung Heechan, executive director of the Korea Association of the Deaf, “International Sign is created through signs that have a compatible meaning with each other.” He called the communication that its users generate between themselves the core of IS, adding, “Deaf culture possesses its own unique identity and thoughts.” hamonthly feels likewise: “Korean Sign Language gave me an answer to the question, ‘Who am I?’ ” She pointed out how it’s a positive development that sign language was incorporated into the “da na na na” part of “Permission to Dance” since KSL is its own language and not a substitute for Korean.Jung said he came to “know that people became interested in sign language” after IS made an appearance in “Permission to Dance.” For hamonthly, she’s “happy for the interest in International Sign,” but at the same time she stressed the importance for it to be an opportunity to “extend” that interest “to deaf people’s lives.” In other words, the wider public also needs to think about how deaf and other disabled people can enjoy things like concerts, meetings with fans, live streams and more without barriers to accessibility.

The first person we see in the “Permission to Dance” music video is a woman working at a restaurant. The video shows a number of other people—mail carriers, cleaners, children, students—who live and work all around us, but who belong to a class of people whose struggles since the pandemic hit aren’t visible enough. It’s surely no coincidence that BTS chose to shine the spotlight on such individuals in their music video while also using IS. BTS also had signers at some of their performances two years ago. What’s more important than what BTS did, however, is the ongoing discussion around the issues being raised and whether they can result in something that improves the lives of the deaf people and, moreover, all the disabled people. This, hamonthly said, needs “continuous attention, not curiosity.” And she added one more thing.

“There are more deaf people around you than you think.”

Source : Weverse Magazine

Random II

If you are following me or not I would still say that I’m in my final year of my MBA, sounds classy right? huh!!!! not for me anymore though there was a time I was really fascinated when I used to see people pursue higher degrees I used to think they are really superior to me or they are doing something phenomenal I don’t know all I would like to say I used to idolize a lot. I felt they have reached already where they had to next they would land into their dream jobs blah blah blah!!! but here the real competition starts the private sector or the government sector both .

Unfortunately I’m in that stage now I understand the real struggle, classes, internships, aptitude, interviews, placements, arghhh!!! Well I didn’t expect that this would come by so soon, but here I am sitting right infront of my computer and ranting . MBA is not a cakewalk it prepares you for the real fiasco., this one and half year has been amazing as it was online for me I didn’t go to college for once, I guess I’m the only one!! Well this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so I’m taking advantage of it.

Anyways my placement season is going to start soon I also do have an apti in two days hope I make it. Still then stay tuned. Pray for me that I get a job.


Does this trigger you ? do you feel sad? depressed ? not worthy of anything? What if I tell you it’s okay to feel a bit off as we all wake up everyday with a different feeling. The problem begins when a person feels it frequently takes it to extremes and it seems like a trap. So I would say yes you are not alone there are millions of people everyday who would be feeling empty but afraid to talk about this as they would be judged. The society outcasts such people, they are not welcomed or labelled as abnormal.

According to global data around 800000 people die from suicide every year i.e. one in every 40 seconds, it’s most common in young adults. But the question is what leads to such a huge number? After this covid -19 pandemic the number has increased a lot. People couldn’t accept that a certain virus could change the entire map, locked them up in their houses, people losing jobs, economic downfall, short of resources and ultimately death. This was highly unexpected, unpredictable but this is the scenario for almost 2 years now , 2020 was a disaster for everyone, a nightmare which is still hard to believe .

Lets get back to the topic , according to my opinion I feel this comes from feeling lonely, worthless, which makes them skeptical about everything they do, some people are good with hiding their true selves as they fear of being judged. When a person feels more often that’s when we say that he/she is depressed. Finally it leads to suicide. They want to free themselves from pain. People think that those who commit suicides are weak but it takes a lot of courage to end their lives as they are unable to find any solution.

I decided to talk about this topic as many would be feeling this way but don’t know what it is exactly so may be you are depressed, don’t worry seek help, there are people who are there to hear you, help you, if you feel tired take a break, don’t exhaust yourself. The month of September is Suicide Prevention Month and International Association for Suicide Prevention has theme which say “Creating hope through Actions” that aims to create confidence in people who are going through a rough phase. So at the end I want to say if you are going through something or you know someone is going through something help them, help yourselves we can save so many lives, life is precious.


Firstly I want to say that I started writing this blog out of finding a meaning which still haven’t figured out yet. I have been checking , reading a lot of books lately and I feel everyone seems way better than me, the best writers, the best story tellers and here I am writing my thoughts about something which is not at all related, well to be honest I want to improve on my writing skills but maybe I need to write daily and and read even more , but still I feel writers are simply born with it, how do they find the write words, how do they write so precisely, so consciously, I just hit the surfaces or the tips I don’t know.

There was this article I was reading yesterday, regarding BTS (Korean boy band) , the writer has expressed her emotions so well that no one would have explained or felt so beautifully even I feel the same about a particular song still I’m unable to express my thoughts and pen down. Sometimes I feel would I really be able to hone this skill? I’m so much interested in writing and reading about stuff but still I’m way far from learning. I have come across so many articles on “How to improve your writing skills” most of them said the same thing “READ” and “PRACTISE” I know maybe it’ll take a forever to learn but I won’t stop. I promise myself that I would come here more often and write about stuffs.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts a.k.a BTS

The best boy band ever
BTS family

Holla , people so recently I came across a musical Kpop band to which I am really grateful to. I wish I had know them all these years but never mind, I will be with them till the end.

Okay so all the Kpop fans already know who they are they don’t need any introduction still I may like to say a few words, BTS – Bullet Proof Boy Scouts, Beyond the Scenes or Bangtan anything you wanna say , they are amazing , no comparison, they are popular because most of their lyrics are based upon social issues like bullying, depression which the youth mostly faces, and the best thing is we fans oops sorry ARMIES connect to them instantly.

They have great vocals and rappers , their dance movies and ofcourse their charisma makes them much more appealing, their songs , their lyrics has my heart 💜 . Okay so about the members their are total 7 members and this year they completed 7 years … Woah that’s amazing well I do have a bias 😁

Kim Taehyung

Okay to be honest, I oviously fell for his good looks, who on earth can just ignore him, eventually I liked his goofiness, his popular boxy smile, charisma, and ofcourse his husky voice… C’ mon just look at him he looks good from every angle 👁️👄👁️ . Haha! Anyways enough of fangirling, I love each and every member equally!! And ofcourse their single ‘DYNAMITE’ hit the BILLBOARDS charts and its there for the past one month, the first k-pop band to reach there isn’t that amazing, well I pray for their good health and great heights of success… Until then I purple you 💜

We are Bulletproof 🙌

In times of Covid – 19

Well its been a while but I do not regret that there are so many things going on this world right now, its too much handle. One thing over the other. We as humans been going through a lot, sometimes I think we totally deserve this whatever is going on and sometimes its all about an individual’s fate well I am no one to comment on that

So this is the time of CORONA which is gifted to us by CHINA . Its been 4 months since lockdown, shutdown and so many things still people are carelessly hopping around without masks. Children are loving this because this is the longest vacation they have got and will ever get but ofcourse occupied with online classes but that’s not much of a stress.

There are still some positives to look at – the environment has improved , people have come closer , people are actually exploring their talents. Well on the other side the depression rates have gone up high , people are frustrated being at homes for a long time, the internet consumption is too much specially OTT platforms. But no improvement in cases its getting worse day by day, right now currently its around 10 lakhs something cases and India is on the third position.

Well lets stay at home , pray and take care of ourselves. We have got through a lot of things so this too shall pass.

You are the hero of your own story

When I was young I always used to admire superhero- batman, superman even shinchan’s ‘action kamen ‘ well it might sound silly but I did and always used to think maybe these actually exist in real life. I always used to imagine that there would be certain real situations infront of me and a superhero would come flying by save me. Totally I am talking frivolously but this was what I used to intend.

Eventually after years not that I am too old but just going through a lot of things I realized or say I was made to realize that superhero’s exist and that is ‘ YOU’ .

Totally its your life, its your own story, visualize as this is a movie and think how you can be creative to make it interesting. Treat yourself with kindness. Accept yourself the way you are and then make improvements, your soul will thank your brain if they start working with each other. Affirm daily, have goals and work your butt hard to achieve no matter how big your dreams are. You are you and noone can be that and be like you.

Start exploring yourself, figure out your strengh as well as weakness and work upon them…

You can never predict

Well Life seems a bit unfare!! Ofcourse when you want something and you put your mind and soul into it and doesnt happen ofcourse it hurts.

Something happened but I took charge of that, people will make fun of you, not believe in you but if you believe in yourself, and keep on working diligently you will surely achieve.

I believe in the Law Of Attraction , its going to be around 3 years I have been following, discovering about it. There is a book called “Secret” well most people have criticized the book, see every one has their opinion, we can’t make everyone happy so yes that is the case, whether you believe it or not The Universe always works, and I have seen a number of miracles, ofcourse some do take time, but it arrives at the stipulated time though…

I believe in this energy. Do you ?