What do you think do we need to fight with each other or keep a grudge against each other. Some people say that we need to keep arguing and sometimes keeping gruge maintains or helps to keeps relation even more deep. Well what do you think so?



‘Life is a game’ well this is an old saying but If we try to understand it deeply it has a real deep meaning like when we play a game for a first time we don’t become an expert at that time, after that we don’t give up, we keep up playing till we reach a certain level likewise in life there is no level its an infinity till our last breath … we can never be perfect and that is the beauty of life!!! so treat life as a game…. #as told by Sandeep Maheshwari Sir 

Dating yourself

Sometimes I keep on thinking that do we really need someone in our life? Well life is oviously not a bed of roses it has certain thorns and we need to pass through them but yeah. . according to me when we come all alone to this world okay to this ‘beautiful’ world we can survive all alone right? all through our life why do we need that someone special in our lives, do we really just ask yourself once, because everything in temporary in this world and that one person is also not going to stay with us all through our life , because after death we are all back to the almighty that too all alone… so I’m not saying that don’t get a partner be single, at the end it’s your life, your choice , being single does’nt mean you are alone…you get to know about yourself more from deep within, enjoying your own company is one of the best thing in this world or say you are dating yourself 😉 

The beginning

Once upon a time its not been a decade haha!! I was attracted towards a guy… ofcourse that sweet sixteen true love thing had just affected my life, I was always in cloud 9 and whenever I used to get a glance about it.. I used to get really shy, feel happy about that.. as time passed… I realized it was just an infatuation… nothing like that… serious love thing. 

Looking back I just keep hoping what I used to be in those days… back.   I was young haha!! ofcourse still I am.

So its not kinda special its a normal thing… just sharing a memory


Hello family,

Okay it’s for the first time I’m blogging so please try to ignore my flaws😅. Well to start with how I got here i mean how I got to wordpress. Ever since I’ve been reading a lot of novels, stories and yes ofcourse blogs I had a feeling that I should write about something. I don’t know how many people are going to read but I just want to just think and write about something. Well this is just the beginning so I’m just going to give a short introduction to my blog. My blog will contain not only to a limited extent of topics but about everything, about day-today business, food, travel,fashion, woman empowerment overall a mixture. So stay tuned.. to get more out of me…

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