You are the hero of your own story

When I was young I always used to admire superhero- batman, superman even shinchan’s ‘action kamen ‘ well it might sound silly but I did and always used to think maybe these actually exist in real life. I always used to imagine that there would be certain real situations infront of me and a superhero would come flying by save me. Totally I am talking frivolously but this was what I used to intend.

Eventually after years not that I am too old but just going through a lot of things I realized or say I was made to realize that superhero’s exist and that is ‘ YOU’ .

Totally its your life, its your own story, visualize as this is a movie and think how you can be creative to make it interesting. Treat yourself with kindness. Accept yourself the way you are and then make improvements, your soul will thank your brain if they start working with each other. Affirm daily, have goals and work your butt hard to achieve no matter how big your dreams are. You are you and noone can be that and be like you.

Start exploring yourself, figure out your strengh as well as weakness and work upon them…

You can never predict

Well Life seems a bit unfare!! Ofcourse when you want something and you put your mind and soul into it and doesnt happen ofcourse it hurts.

Something happened but I took charge of that, people will make fun of you, not believe in you but if you believe in yourself, and keep on working diligently you will surely achieve.

I believe in the Law Of Attraction , its going to be around 3 years I have been following, discovering about it. There is a book called “Secret” well most people have criticized the book, see every one has their opinion, we can’t make everyone happy so yes that is the case, whether you believe it or not The Universe always works, and I have seen a number of miracles, ofcourse some do take time, but it arrives at the stipulated time though…

I believe in this energy. Do you ?


Okay so here I am again!! Sorry for being a bit late for posting!! As always I had forgotten that I do have a blog where I write nothing in particular its just like my journal!! Where I do write about random things which keeps on changing with time!! I don’t know who would be reading it !! Or say if anyone would read because I do not write something extra special its just normal, some part of my lives which I would like to scratch over here

Okay so as the topics says ‘crush’ whats the first thing that comes to your devil mind, okay I hope you don’t mind calling you a devil okay so as I was saying , basically the looks, their attitude, their work because you cannot analyze everything about your crush if you cannot meet them in person, I am speaking in the case of celebrities.

Since childhood I have only been crusing on stars I mean the celebrites, my recent crush has to be Cole Sprouse , first things first I did not like observe him in the beginning, but as the show ‘Riverdale’ kept going I just couldnt get over Jug yes he plays an important role in the series.

He doesn’t have that killer looks or muscles as if he seems quite, dark yet intellegent and ofcourse caring for those he loves. So I found out that he used to be in Jack and Cody a popular disney show which I never wished to watch but I knew about that and then the digging hasn’t stopped till yet. Well I found out , cute yet hot, smart, intelligent, charming, witty, loves lili.. yes he does have a girlfriend but I am not sad. I feel more than happy..

Lets see how long I obsess about him, till them I should definately do some soul searching


Well, its been almost 3 years I am back over here, actually I had forgotten about my blog!! Well casually I was searching through some topics to read about and found it that I also have a blog which was inactive from the last 3 years and yes that’s a long long time

Well I guess there are a lot of changes and there are also new beginnings that are going to happen in my life so I am really grateful for that. So yes from now on I will try to be regular on this platform!! I don’t know If anyone has ever read my blogs but I do not write for anyone , I just write for myself what I think , what I hope about that’ it


‘Life is a game’ well this is an old saying but If we try to understand it deeply it has a real deep meaning like when we play a game for a first time we don’t become an expert at that time, after that we don’t give up, we keep up playing till we reach a certain level likewise in life there is no level its an infinity till our last breath … we can never be perfect and that is the beauty of life!!! so treat life as a game…. #as told by Sandeep Maheshwari Sir 

Dating yourself

Sometimes I keep on thinking that do we really need someone in our life? Well life is oviously not a bed of roses it has certain thorns and we need to pass through them but yeah. . according to me when we come all alone to this world okay to this ‘beautiful’ world we can survive all alone right? all through our life why do we need that someone special in our lives, do we really just ask yourself once, because everything in temporary in this world and that one person is also not going to stay with us all through our life , because after death we are all back to the almighty that too all alone… so I’m not saying that don’t get a partner be single, at the end it’s your life, your choice , being single does’nt mean you are alone…you get to know about yourself more from deep within, enjoying your own company is one of the best thing in this world or say you are dating yourself 😉 

The beginning

Once upon a time its not been a decade haha!! I was attracted towards a guy… ofcourse that sweet sixteen true love thing had just affected my life, I was always in cloud 9 and whenever I used to get a glance about it.. I used to get really shy, feel happy about that.. as time passed… I realized it was just an infatuation… nothing like that… serious love thing. 

Looking back I just keep hoping what I used to be in those days… back.   I was young haha!! ofcourse still I am.

So its not kinda special its a normal thing… just sharing a memory


Hello family,

Okay it’s for the first time I’m blogging so please try to ignore my flaws😅. Well to start with how I got here i mean how I got to wordpress. Ever since I’ve been reading a lot of novels, stories and yes ofcourse blogs I had a feeling that I should write about something. I don’t know how many people are going to read but I just want to just think and write about something. Well this is just the beginning so I’m just going to give a short introduction to my blog. My blog will contain not only to a limited extent of topics but about everything, about day-today business, food, travel,fashion, woman empowerment overall a mixture. So stay tuned.. to get more out of me…

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