Dating yourself

Sometimes I keep on thinking that do we really need someone in our life? Well life is oviously not a bed of roses it has certain thorns and we need to pass through them but yeah. . according to me when we come all alone to this world okay to this ‘beautiful’ world we can survive all alone right? all through our life why do we need that someone special in our lives, do we really just ask yourself once, because everything in temporary in this world and that one person is also not going to stay with us all through our life , because after death we are all back to the almighty that too all alone… so I’m not saying that don’t get a partner be single, at the end it’s your life, your choice , being single does’nt mean you are alone…you get to know about yourself more from deep within, enjoying your own company is one of the best thing in this world or say you are dating yourself 😉 

Published by Impeccable mind

A free person.. jolly headed.. sweet girl

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