You are the hero of your own story

When I was young I always used to admire superhero- batman, superman even shinchan’s ‘action kamen ‘ well it might sound silly but I did and always used to think maybe these actually exist in real life. I always used to imagine that there would be certain real situations infront of me and a superhero would come flying by save me. Totally I am talking frivolously but this was what I used to intend.

Eventually after years not that I am too old but just going through a lot of things I realized or say I was made to realize that superhero’s exist and that is ‘ YOU’ .

Totally its your life, its your own story, visualize as this is a movie and think how you can be creative to make it interesting. Treat yourself with kindness. Accept yourself the way you are and then make improvements, your soul will thank your brain if they start working with each other. Affirm daily, have goals and work your butt hard to achieve no matter how big your dreams are. You are you and noone can be that and be like you.

Start exploring yourself, figure out your strengh as well as weakness and work upon them…

Published by Impeccable mind

A free person.. jolly headed.. sweet girl

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