Bulletproof Boy Scouts a.k.a BTS

The best boy band ever
BTS family

Holla , people so recently I came across a musical Kpop band to which I am really grateful to. I wish I had know them all these years but never mind, I will be with them till the end.

Okay so all the Kpop fans already know who they are they don’t need any introduction still I may like to say a few words, BTS – Bullet Proof Boy Scouts, Beyond the Scenes or Bangtan anything you wanna say , they are amazing , no comparison, they are popular because most of their lyrics are based upon social issues like bullying, depression which the youth mostly faces, and the best thing is we fans oops sorry ARMIES connect to them instantly.

They have great vocals and rappers , their dance movies and ofcourse their charisma makes them much more appealing, their songs , their lyrics has my heart πŸ’œ . Okay so about the members their are total 7 members and this year they completed 7 years … Woah that’s amazing well I do have a bias 😁

Kim Taehyung

Okay to be honest, I oviously fell for his good looks, who on earth can just ignore him, eventually I liked his goofiness, his popular boxy smile, charisma, and ofcourse his husky voice… C’ mon just look at him he looks good from every angle πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘„πŸ‘οΈ . Haha! Anyways enough of fangirling, I love each and every member equally!! And ofcourse their single ‘DYNAMITE’ hit the BILLBOARDS charts and its there for the past one month, the first k-pop band to reach there isn’t that amazing, well I pray for their good health and great heights of success… Until then I purple you πŸ’œ

We are Bulletproof πŸ™Œ

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