Firstly I want to say that I started writing this blog out of finding a meaning which still haven’t figured out yet. I have been checking , reading a lot of books lately and I feel everyone seems way better than me, the best writers, the best story tellers and here I am writing my thoughts about something which is not at all related, well to be honest I want to improve on my writing skills but maybe I need to write daily and and read even more , but still I feel writers are simply born with it, how do they find the write words, how do they write so precisely, so consciously, I just hit the surfaces or the tips I don’t know.

There was this article I was reading yesterday, regarding BTS (Korean boy band) , the writer has expressed her emotions so well that no one would have explained or felt so beautifully even I feel the same about a particular song still I’m unable to express my thoughts and pen down. Sometimes I feel would I really be able to hone this skill? I’m so much interested in writing and reading about stuff but still I’m way far from learning. I have come across so many articles on “How to improve your writing skills” most of them said the same thing “READ” and “PRACTISE” I know maybe it’ll take a forever to learn but I won’t stop. I promise myself that I would come here more often and write about stuffs.

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