Does this trigger you ? do you feel sad? depressed ? not worthy of anything? What if I tell you it’s okay to feel a bit off as we all wake up everyday with a different feeling. The problem begins when a person feels it frequently takes it to extremes and it seems like a trap. So I would say yes you are not alone there are millions of people everyday who would be feeling empty but afraid to talk about this as they would be judged. The society outcasts such people, they are not welcomed or labelled as abnormal.

According to global data around 800000 people die from suicide every year i.e. one in every 40 seconds, it’s most common in young adults. But the question is what leads to such a huge number? After this covid -19 pandemic the number has increased a lot. People couldn’t accept that a certain virus could change the entire map, locked them up in their houses, people losing jobs, economic downfall, short of resources and ultimately death. This was highly unexpected, unpredictable but this is the scenario for almost 2 years now , 2020 was a disaster for everyone, a nightmare which is still hard to believe .

Lets get back to the topic , according to my opinion I feel this comes from feeling lonely, worthless, which makes them skeptical about everything they do, some people are good with hiding their true selves as they fear of being judged. When a person feels more often that’s when we say that he/she is depressed. Finally it leads to suicide. They want to free themselves from pain. People think that those who commit suicides are weak but it takes a lot of courage to end their lives as they are unable to find any solution.

I decided to talk about this topic as many would be feeling this way but don’t know what it is exactly so may be you are depressed, don’t worry seek help, there are people who are there to hear you, help you, if you feel tired take a break, don’t exhaust yourself. The month of September is Suicide Prevention Month and International Association for Suicide Prevention has theme which say “Creating hope through Actions” that aims to create confidence in people who are going through a rough phase. So at the end I want to say if you are going through something or you know someone is going through something help them, help yourselves we can save so many lives, life is precious.

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