Random II

If you are following me or not I would still say that I’m in my final year of my MBA, sounds classy right? huh!!!! not for me anymore though there was a time I was really fascinated when I used to see people pursue higher degrees I used to think they are really superior to me or they are doing something phenomenal I don’t know all I would like to say I used to idolize a lot. I felt they have reached already where they had to next they would land into their dream jobs blah blah blah!!! but here the real competition starts the private sector or the government sector both .

Unfortunately I’m in that stage now I understand the real struggle, classes, internships, aptitude, interviews, placements, arghhh!!! Well I didn’t expect that this would come by so soon, but here I am sitting right infront of my computer and ranting . MBA is not a cakewalk it prepares you for the real fiasco., this one and half year has been amazing as it was online for me I didn’t go to college for once, I guess I’m the only one!! Well this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so I’m taking advantage of it.

Anyways my placement season is going to start soon I also do have an apti in two days hope I make it. Still then stay tuned. Pray for me that I get a job.

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