Random III

Last night I was scrolling instagram as usual, well I was checking other’s posts sending reels, memes to my friends as a part of my daily routine. I got a dm from one of my collegemates , it seemed as a regular text just to catch up, so I decided to text back, but at some point his texts sounded like creep, he started to get personal so I decided not to get too much involved so I gave just general replies, finally he said what he wanted to all this while, sexually harassing me commenting about my body, I didn’t expect this from him, but still I got to know he is going to end after this point still I replied that this makes me uncomfortable, after that he still had the audacity to say he didn’t expect that his comment would make me comfortable.

What world are we living in ? He sounded like a rapist. Then such people would commit crimes, then wouldn’t accept. Being a girl is really tough first get an education, then educate others how to behave with us. I’m tired, scared are we even safe ?

Published by Impeccable mind

A free person.. jolly headed.. sweet girl

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