The beginning

Once upon a time its not been a decade haha!! I was attracted towards a guy… ofcourse that sweet sixteen true love thing had just affected my life, I was always in cloud 9 and whenever I used to get a glance about it.. I used to get really shy, feel happy about that.. as time passed… I realized it was just an infatuation… nothing like that… serious love thing. 

Looking back I just keep hoping what I used to be in those days… back.   I was young haha!! ofcourse still I am.

So its not kinda special its a normal thing… just sharing a memory


Hello family,

Okay it’s for the first time I’m blogging so please try to ignore my flaws😅. Well to start with how I got here i mean how I got to wordpress. Ever since I’ve been reading a lot of novels, stories and yes ofcourse blogs I had a feeling that I should write about something. I don’t know how many people are going to read but I just want to just think and write about something. Well this is just the beginning so I’m just going to give a short introduction to my blog. My blog will contain not only to a limited extent of topics but about everything, about day-today business, food, travel,fashion, woman empowerment overall a mixture. So stay tuned.. to get more out of me…

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