In times of Covid – 19

Well its been a while but I do not regret that there are so many things going on this world right now, its too much handle. One thing over the other. We as humans been going through a lot, sometimes I think we totally deserve this whatever is going on and sometimes its all about an individual’s fate well I am no one to comment on that

So this is the time of CORONA which is gifted to us by CHINA . Its been 4 months since lockdown, shutdown and so many things still people are carelessly hopping around without masks. Children are loving this because this is the longest vacation they have got and will ever get but ofcourse occupied with online classes but that’s not much of a stress.

There are still some positives to look at – the environment has improved , people have come closer , people are actually exploring their talents. Well on the other side the depression rates have gone up high , people are frustrated being at homes for a long time, the internet consumption is too much specially OTT platforms. But no improvement in cases its getting worse day by day, right now currently its around 10 lakhs something cases and India is on the third position.

Well lets stay at home , pray and take care of ourselves. We have got through a lot of things so this too shall pass.

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